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Honor the Legacy

Created by Maine Legislature in 1999 to receive and disburse Maine's annual tobacco settlement payments.

Maine participated in the national tobacco settlement because many Maine people suffered disease and death as a result of tobacco use encouraged by the deceptive practices of the tobacco industry.

These are not taxpayer dollars.

Maine is one of 46 states that receives an annual payment from the 1998 legal settlement with Phillip-Morris (the tobacco company). The Fund for a Healthy Maine is not part of the General Fund and it's not a rainy day fund.

Maine people got sick and died from tobacco use — this is a legacy to be honored.

We have an ethical and moral obligation to allow the Fund to work as intended — preventing disease and promoting good health so Maine people can be healthy and productive for generations to come. This was our past. Protect our future.

Know the Risks

The Fund's prevention programs have been under-resourced, eliminated or short-staffed to solve a short-term budget fix. This is not what this money was meant for. Prevention + detection + treatment: these are the only ways to be successful in improving health and reducing costs in the long run. That is where the money should be going.


Maine only has 2 local health departments in Portland and Bangor

The Fund for A Healthy Maine supports district and statewide public health efforts, providing the necessary platform for communities too draw down private, state and federal matching funds for education, prevention, school-based health care, local policy change, lead paint testing and other tradition public health department services.

Help smokers quit
Give kids a healthy start
Support new parents
Help families get active
Teach students healthy choices
90% of all lung cancer cases are associated with smoking
86% of all healthcare spending in 2010 was for people with one or more chronic medical conditions.
Annual health care costs directly caused by smoking: $811 Million


Keep the Fund for a Healthy Maine working as it was intended.

Reject the proposal to decimate Maine's public health system

Keeping the Fund working to prevent disease and promote good health is our best opportunity to support healthy families. By taking money away from the Fund for a Healthy Maine, the health of Maine will be at risk. The chance to lower healthcare costs, support good health and turn Maine's economy around will be diminished.

Support the Fund